joan, i have already sent you my survey, but your note reminded me that i should thank you, you were someone who got back to me . I had a question in guiding a student I was advising at thomas jeff univ. it seemed to me, while I forget the question, you would be the one to go to for the answer, I told the student, that is the best way to get an answer, ask the one who knows.  So I boldly emailed you, introduced myself and posed the question.  YOU GOt BACK TO ME and not only with the answer but you showed the student the advice was sound!  thanks , best of luck
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> I am trying to build the best table for vascular technologists but at the same time keep it within a reasonable price range. As you can imagine the more bells
> and whistles the more you have to pay. So I need to know what is important to YOU what features would you want standard and what would you like to have as an option and what do you not need. Just answer the questions onto the email and send it back to me. I really THANK YOU for your valuable input. If you have some vascular friends that would be willing to weigh in please forward this to them.
> Joan
> Sound Ergonomics
> Please could you help me by answering the following questions? I am trying to determine what features are really needed on a vascular table to avoid injury as well as be functional.
> 1) Does your lab perform any other ultrasound tests than vascular scanning? If yes what?
> 2) DO you believe the market for a specialized table for vascular ultrasound can be supported?
> 3) DO you believe the market for a specialized table for REFLUX STUDIES ONLY using ultrasound can be supported?
> 4) What do you believe is the price point for a vascular table?
> $3,000-6,000 or $6,000-$7000 or $7000 -8,000 $above 8,000
> Given the list of features circle the ones you would consider a MUST for a vascular table.
> Select one only of the following.
> 5) 2 sections with a manual Fowler . You would have to manually raise the back of the table
> 6) 2 sections with a electric Fowler . You would raise the back of the table with a hand switch
> 7) 3 section table with a electric Fowler 3 sections makes it possible to have a table form into a chair.
> 8) 3 section with a manual Fowler. You would have to manually raise the back of the table
> 9) Do not need a fowler just a flat table that goes up and down is fine
> Select one of the following or just say “not needed” by circling these words
> 10) A table that will go 90 degrees vertically and reverse Trendelenburg to 40 degrees .
> Use for reflux studies primarily. Are there enough of these studies in your opinion to warrant a table that offers this? 40 reverse Trendelenburg is in case of a patient emergency requiring the table to go backwards if patient feels dizzy or passes out
> 11) A table that will go 15 degrees reverse Trendelenburg.
> This is typical of most tables out there today
> 12) A table that will go 25 degrees reverse Trendelenburg.
> One table on the market can do this today
> 13) A table that will go 40 degrees reverse Trendelenburg.
> No table does this today
> Select one of the following or just say “not needed” by circling these words
> 14) A table that has features for cardiac ultrasound as well as vascular
> 15) A table that has features for general ultrasound (not cardiac) as well as vascular
> 16) A table that has features for all ultrasound specialties
> Select which of the following is a MUST (“M”) as standard features on a vascular table. Also select those that are NICE (“N”) but not a must or just say “NN” not needed
> 17) An arm board
> 18) Side rails
> 19) Restraining strap to hold patient in case of a fall
> 20) 3 sections head section, trunk section, foot section all independently movable
> 21) Central locking casters
> 22) Head rest with easy access to the carotid arteries
> 23) Table length 65” 70” 72” or 74”
> 24) Table width 27 inches or 30 inches
> 25) Height adjustable from 22 to 38 inches
> 22 inches allows patients to simply sit on the table without help or foot stool. 38 inches allows patient to dangle legs over end or side of table and access to veins is easier. Pt can transfer from wheel chair to table
> 26) Patient lift/ load capacity 350 lbs 500 lbs 600 lbs more than 600 lbs
> Circle the one that works for you. We believe that if the table will not electrically lift what it can load there is no value in a higher load capacity.
> 27) Choice of Colored fabrics no choice (1 color only) 5 choices 20 choices 70 choices
> 28) Paper roll holder
> 29) Adjustable access/back supports Called wedge sections can be either side or just one side. Used for either the sonographer to stand in the space to reduce reaching, used by pregnant patients to relieve IVC compression, used to support patient’s back when in an oblique position for renal arterial studies.
> 30) Hand control for all electrical features
> 31) Foot control for two electric features (height and Fowler)
> 32) Foot control for height adjustability only
> 33) A split foot board for non-weight bearing exams
> 34) A patient positioning system so that he/she could be placed prone on table
> 35) An arm board that allows patient to bend elbow for access to the axilla
> 36) A table that when placed in the true vertical position (90 degrees) would then electronically be capable of being raised say 12 -15 inches towards the ceiling allowing the sonographer to access the lower leg veins when seated on a low stool reducing back bending or sitting on the floor.
> This is likely to increase the cost of the table. If it cost $1,000 to $1,500 to add this feature do you think people would buy it if they did a large number of reflux studies with patients standing up.
> 37) What type of table /stretcher do you currently have and do you like it?
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> Dear Joan,
> I never recieved the survey. I am happy to participate.
> Connie
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