Really, I must be on a selective list then, because I have never received anything about input or opinion.  Just last year when this seriously came up.  And I do read everything I get from them.

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It won't cost you anything to recertify if you can pass the on-line open book exam the first time.
The ARDMS has been pretty verbal about this for a few years. If you read, or just glanced at all the mailings, they have put this has been there. They have asked for comments and the like from the community and organizations. This was something being required by the organization that the ARDMS is a member of, which provides national recognition of the ARDMS credentials.
This is a done deal.

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Boy have I been out of it-- I just automatically delete anything I get from the ARDMS as spam so I guess I didn't get the memo.
Recert?? Sounds like another money making adventure from these guys.
So, how do we "change" this. Can we vote them out- file protests--
File suit? Can someone find something in the bylaws, is there any bylaws?
The ARDMS has operated under the cone of secrecy for so long I can't even
Think of anyone who knows the inner workings. I believe they sent out questionnaires that came back from the members saying they disapproved of recerts. Really disappointed in those that did this no matter how they try to justify it.It already costs a pretty penny to go to seminars these days.
Just my 2 cents-- or 20 bucks with inflation

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