If they are making the recert so easy, than honestly, what is the point?
I'm a big believer in certification. I whole heartedly approve of the
accreditation process because it makes it easy for me to maintain
quality over quantity in a medical community that is willing to
sacrifice quality in an effort to increase revenue. What I don't like is
having yet another drummer to dance to. Ya'll need to get together and
have one governing body all of us poor working stiffs will have to
answer to. 
I disagree with grandfathering us old dogs in too. Personally(and
selfishly) I approve but what's good for the goose.... and all that.
Great string! Lots of great comments. One of the reasons I love what I
do. We have the most interesting people in our profession!!!

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ARDMS Recertification Program link.

Sounds like the ARDMS is implementing this to meet the standards of
their accrediting body, so maybe the ARDMS didn't have much choice??

10 year program, 50 questions, online, can use reference material while
taking the test, don't have to leave home, if passed on first attempt
don't have to pay for it.

No one likes to have to take more exams but honestly I don't see what
the worry is.  If we are worried about failing the test then that would
be more worrisome to me.  Sounds like they are setting it up to be
pretty easy (as long as we keep up to date with our field and with
CMEs).  The hard part would be remembering to take it every 10 years.

I do agree that concentrating more on making sure all sonographers are
certified is more important.  Let's get everyone certified, then I don't
mind doing recertification.

Jeff Stanley
The Surgical Clinic
Nashville, TN

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I looked on the website... I am missing it, can someone tell me where to
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BTW... not having looked into the particulars.. Does anyone know if  
this is something the ARDMS is going to notify each registrant  
personally, or are we expected to go to their website and proactively  
investigate... Hate to ASSume!


Doug Marcum
*Advanced Ultrasound Consultants
*Global Vein Solutions
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