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And who is THEIR cerifying agency? What international agency are we talking. In Europe the MD’s do most ultrasounds. I am very interested in these
other agencies whose standards of compliance are being imposed. Where on the ARDMS web site is this listed? 
I like to follow this “trickle flow” , after all I’m just a vascular tech in the ARDMS.
I might add, that we have no real powers of diagnosis, as in the MD,ect. 

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This change has nothing to do with the DOL. It has to do with ARDMS being in compliance with their certifying agency.


The recert is being required by the ARDMS by the agency that certifies the ARDMS. This is a trickle down effect. If the ARDMS wants to keep it's international certification then it has to abide by the rules set forth. That means having some type of recertification in place for the credentials it gives. Does this make sense? 


Vascular Technologists are not classifies as sonographers. Individual facilities may choose to use the sonographer designation but by the ARDMS they are technologists and according to the DOL they are technologists, not sonographers. The ARRT gives the vascular sonography designation and CCI uses the vascular specialist designation. The ARDMS uses techologist.


Vascular technologists are not classified as sonographers by the United States Department of Labor. They are classicified as cardiovascular technicians and technlogists that also includes invasive cardiology, echo, and ekg technicians.


My point was that if someone wanted to do the work and have vascular taken out of the ekg technician category within the DOL then having recert wuld be a good thing.


The thing is that this is a done deal. It means that every ten years peple will have to show they can pass a hopefully rigorous open book test for free. Outrage won't help, it will just get in the way of moving foward and learning to deal with the new realities of holding the ARDMS credential.



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Sorry Audrey, using this change in DOL as a reason for recert is not right. 
We have been classified as Sonographers for years and most get the pay that comes with sonographers.
This is overwhelmingly unwanted by the vast majority of ARDMS Sonographers and the ARDMS chooses to 
ignore this-is the office in or near D.C.?
 I did a conference once called “Up in Arms”- this is fitting for today
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