Thursday 5-6-10


Powder day on Mother’s Day at Jay Peak –


High latitude blocking in the high arctic combined with an over-active jet stream and loads of available water vapor – the micro physics in full play of a gradually warming climate - will yet again bring the northern Green Mountains “ski-able” snow starting late Saturday, and into the day on Mother’s Day along the colder backside of the storm producing an up-slope event.


This will not be as big as the late April unloading of over two feet on Jay Peak on April 27th and 28th, but still this should be quite something this late in the season.


Real diehards who wish to lengthen their ski season should indeed have this opportunity over Mothers day Sunday.  At the time of this writing models were very consistent with from 3 to 8” of wet snow coating of snow above generally the 1000-1500 foot mark, putting the snow line well down below the base lodge level, and perhaps some accumulation on grassy surfaces down to the valley floor making travel conditions still pretty good with generally bare and wet roads.


The snow will be heavy and wet, but resemble a snow storm more likely in late March or early April than early to mid May.  So here we go again.


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