I was hoping our poet would pen it and our musicologist would set it to music so I could provide the interpretive dance. But it looks like it's all up to me to provide this public record of our our activity.

The poet said, "Please, sir, can I have some more?" and the evil one, true to his nature, said sure. I waffled --I had my treats Monday, and was convinced that this undertaking would be pain and suffering. The poet said he couldn't wait, he could be there by 4 and would wave to us en passant while he went down and we went up. The evil one, true to his nature, whined and pouted to me over the phone. I waffled --I had my treats earlier, and was convinced that this undertaking would be pain and suffering.

And the evil one won. We three arrived statistically simultaneously below the high peak and ascended as one, led by a lab pup. We raced -- 70 minutes to the summit by my reckoning. 

And it was all that I imagined: grass to midway, patches of white above, slowly coalescing into a solid mass of glacial material near the turnpike. Sun set, cold wind, surface crust over wet sludge. It was a formidable challenge to alter one's course once a course was set. The freeheelers answered with swooping GS maneuvers, often tumbling to a stop. The alpinist chose the trusty Short Swing Gorilla in a TuTu jump turn terminated with a knee twisting backseat recovery uphill jet assist. Whatever floated our boats.

It could have sucked, but like most such outings, it was saved by camaraderie, grilled meats, and malt beverages. Thank you poet, thank you evil one. Same time next year? 

Fare thee well to 2009-2010 . I got me a new red tire and blue chain for my speedie bike, time to switch gears.

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