We went to the Stateside base of Jay Peak (2,000) and did some skiing today on the lower slopes.  The wind was howling at times in classic Jay Peak style; I bet it was gusting to 40 MPH, and the temperature at that elevation was 30 F.  With the wind, I measured snow accumulations from 4 to 18 inches in the lower elevations, although if I had to put a number on the accumulations at 2,000 Id go with 6+.  As noted, the Mt. Mansfield stake report this evening indicated 10.5 new inches, so there could easily have been a foot up top at Jay Peak.  The snow was dense, but not wet unless down in a water bar or other low area.  It's still snowing here at the house in Waterbury, moisture is still visible on the radar, and the forecast temperatures are below freezing even for the lower valleys tonight, so I don't see any reason the skiing shouldn't be great tomorrow.  Additional valley snowfall observations from the trip are in the NNE thread at Eastern.

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