It wasn't my intent to ski today. But when I saw the sow on Whiteface driving in to work this morning, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I had a meeting with my supervisor this AM. I told her I was in withdrawal. I couldn't go a seasn without skiing Mansfield in May. She's a skier, her son races, she understands. I left at noon, ran home put together some here, in gondi parking lot by 2:30. Said Hi to Greg P. 

By 4 I was standing at the top of The Nosedive. Descent was much how Niles described it: silky soft dry wind groomed powder above Midway, chunkier but still fun snow below. Patchy grass gradually yielding to patchy snow. I had to slog over 50 feet of mud to get to my car from last sow patch. Said hello and goodbye to relief crew of Joshua A and Eh? J.

Made it to Cota Field in Starksboro just in time for tonight's little league game. Starksboro defeated Bristol 8-7 in close, tense game. William got the last inning save, walking one, striking out two and throwing out one (pitcher to first base) with 17 pitches. He ws 1 for 3 with a pop out, walk, and a single, scored one run.

I estimate there was a nearly continuous skivt-l presence on the mountain from 5:30 am until dusk.

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Classic May Movies: 2000-05-05; 2002-05-03
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