I was checking out all the new Templates on Google Apps...
and was blown away by some of them  (and how useful they could be to
For example.. check out this CALENDAR one-- do you know how many hours our
secretaries worked on this last year..

And if you haven't seen all the new DRAW templates....
The collection is not as 'organized for educators" as the INSPIRATION
templates... but there are a LOT Of good ones that fall under the process of

"making Thinking  or Learning Visible"
"Diagrams can express
and other ideas that are difficult to show in words."

P.S.  Worked in Firefox and Chrome (they were an issue in I.E.)

Lucie deLaBruere
Tech Integration Specialist - St. Albans City Schoool

Work: 802 527  0565 x 3206
Cell:  802  752  6086

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