We use SharePoint, and everyone loves it. I was looking for an easy and
CHEAP (i.e. free) way to share information - especially transportation
calendars, and accurate email address lists....allowing multiple "editors
and contributors" ..rather than re-invent the wheel, I saw the free addition
to Server 2003. We run WSS 3.0.


Built a demo site, sold concept to admin, then spent money on new server and
everyone is on-board.


I what I like about it is how easily it integrates with AD and how groups
may contribute content. We have about 12 folks who regularly post
annoncements, add email addresses, update calendars, create schedules, post
video etc. I wasn't going to set it up so that only I would be getting calls
to update content. Macintosh connection is sketchy, but it can be done using
FireFox (I do not know about Safari)


The site is hosted here on campus, but as long as users have an account in
AD, they may logon to the site remotely. I thought this would require an
expensive enterprise portal, but our firewall simply ports traffic from to the machine hosting the content. 


Using group policy, I have made the Sharepoint site the default home page
for any staff who logon locally. If they change their browser to Firefox,
the Internet Explorer  policy obviously doesn't get applied. (Some folks
have figured this out)


The interface is easy to use. Now everyone is literally on the same page,
which has really helped communuications. People have come to rely on it, and
enhance it.


Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


Bill Clark

Austine School for the Deaf


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Anyone using Sharepoint?  Tell me how and why please?




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