We have many 48" smartboards in K-3 classrooms.  We mounted them as low as possible, with maximum keystone and it comes out about the bottom of the wall mounted whiteboard.  The projector is as low as we can go while still meeting safety requirements.

In the 4-12 classrooms we are trying to use the 77" with the arm.  The new ones are only inches out form the board.  In one of the older school buildings, there was so much vibration and the mounts were so long that they were almost unusable.  Either it was students and teachers walking around or air handling that caused the vibration.  They are expensive but cheaper than an unused one.  The new ones are also dual touch.

There was another thread about document cameras.  Our teachers and Educational Technologist prefer the Smart Document cameras because of the integration with the Smart board.  
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We are looking into putting smartboards in Kindergarten or Grade 1 classes and wondering how people solve the problem of getting them low enough to the ground and having a projector mounted so it can shine on a low smartboard. Can they really keystone that much?
We though of wall mounts, but then the teachers were skeptical that the wall mount would be too low and that kids were start to mess with them (think jungle gymn) or people will 'bump' into them.
Any ideas? or models of projectors that work for this configuration.

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