I jumped the gun here.  I thought they finally allowed different settings
per group or domain.  This just looks like an advanced alius setting.
Still helpful for schools with multiple domains that don't want to combine
into a single domain.


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Yay, I have been waiting for this for over a year.


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Multi-domain management now available in Google

Posted: 24 Jun 2010 02:37 AM PDT

Google Apps administrators can now manage multiple domains from one control
panel in Google Apps. Users from different domains preserve their original
email address, but all users are on the organization's global address list,
and calendars, docs and sites can be shared throughout the entire

*Editions included:*
Premier and Education Editions

*Languages included:*
US English only

*How to access what's new:*
Admins can now add additional domains in the Control Panel under ‘Domain
Settings’ by adding the domain name in the text box. For these domains,
admins will still have to verify domain ownership just like the primary

To add another domain:
1. In the Google Apps Control Panel, click ‘Domain settings’, then ‘Domain
2. Click ‘Add a domain or a domain alias’.
3. Enter the domain name that you want to add in the text box.
4. If you just want to add the domain as a domain alias, enable the checkbox
‘Make this domain an alias of my primary domain’.
5. Click ‘Continue and verify domain ownership’ to verify ownership of the
6. Follow the instructions to verify domain ownership and set up email

- After adding a domain, when admins now create a new user, they will have
the choice to create the user with [log in to unmask] or
[log in to unmask]
- This feature is only available to domains using the ‘Next Generation’
version of the Control Panel. To enable this version in the control panel,
click ‘Domain settings’ > ’General’ and ensure the checkbox ‘Next generation
(US English only)’ is enabled.
- These changes are gradually rolling out and will happen in the next few

Note: It is not currently possible to merge existing Google Apps accounts.
For more information on what is supported by multi-domain management, please
visit the Help Center.

*For more information:*
Help Center:

To learn more about the new Multi-domain management feature and more recent
launches on Google Apps, please join us for a live
Tuesday, July 13th at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT.

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