Hi folks,
I have a technology guy who is constantly cleaning out (read 'trashing') old equipment (not monitors/batteries/etc), software, parts, etc ask about the possibility of selling some of this stuff on ebay.  The scenario would be to create a student organization that would use the sales as a fundraiser, albeit not a very big fundraiser.  We would track serial numbers, descriptions, and current value and reformat if necessary before releasing items from the school's inventory.  The thing I'm not sure of, having never sold anything on ebay, is how the school would receive payment.  Do they need to connect a credit card account or bank account to a paypal account?  If so, it's doubtful they'd agree.  Or is there another way, like receiving personal checks or money orders?
Any thoughts?

Rob Gervais
Technology Coordinator
Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union
Enosburg, VT 05450
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