Of course that's the Microsoft plan (perhaps seen against the Google plan) ... but there is also a lot of skirmishes along the sidelines ... not sure if they are camp followers or vultures :) ... but the prospect is also interesting ...

10 New Education Companies to Watch (Plus 3 More for Extra Credit)

Last year I covered Berkery Noyes' first-ever Venture Capital Summit in Education held at Stanford, where VCs and private equity firms talked about the enormous potential in disrupting one of the world's biggest industries, one that still remains tantalizingly locked up by bureaucracies within bureaucracies. This year's edition will be held at the SoHo HQ of Scholastic, the ginormous kid's publisher, and co-sponsored by Startl, the "venture philanthropy" and educational startup incubator. Yesterday they announced the 10 early-stage companies that will be part of their showcase. These run the gamut of approaches to the challenges of better teaching and learning using technology.