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Subject: straw poll needed...


This is not very official, but I need a sense for something I am working on.  I anticipate this question on a later survey I am crafting for late summer, early fall. 


But, at this point, I will take what I get in a couple of days collection. 


You can respond to me off list if you wish....


Can you identify 1:1 computing programs at your school or SU?  (I mean true 1:1, meaning that each student has a laptop assigned to them or one they can access everyday, all day.)


I want to know: For this year completed:


School doing it: Bennington Elementary, Molly Stark Elementary and Monument Elementary, Woodford Elementary


Grade levels impacted 5th Grade


Approx. number of students in program. 137 (Net-books)


ALSO: Every 6th grade student in the SVSU (Mt. Anthony Middle School, No. Bennington Elementary, Shaftsbury Elementary, Woodford Elementary and Pownal Elementary) 306 Net-books


For start of next school year: All of the above and:

All 7th and 8th Grade students at the Mt Anthony Middle School. 442 Net-books (this completes the entire school grades 6-8)

And: Pownal Elementary School Grades 4&5 -70 Netbooks.


Hope this helps.

Jim Boutin








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