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We will be hosting the following exciting session at the AGU meeting 
in December (13-17) in San Francisco and would look forward to your 
participation. Please send any questions to Peggy Ostrom 
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SESSION B72: Application of Isotope and Genetic Platforms to Develop 
Spatial and Temporal Perspectives in Ecosystem Ecology

Isotope and/or genetic approaches provide otherwise intractable 
information in a variety of fields including ecology, oceanography 
and paleoecology. While C, N and S isotope reveal inter- and intra- 
specific variation in foraging habits and habitat use, H isotopes 
identify migratory pathways and breeding sites. Effective population 
size, population divergence and gene flow emerge from genetic 
analysis. These data are crucial for predicting the persistence of 
population and are necessary for retrospective analysis of ecosystem 
change. We encourage presentations that apply these approaches to 
address unique questions that span spatial or temporal boundaries.

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