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When you open the source again check the position of the small alignment pin at the gas inlet.

We had serious los of intensity after cleaning the source but the peakshape was ok and focus didn’t help.

After changing all the gas capillaries and the needle valve connection the Thermo service engineer decided to order an exchange source and by comparing the position of these pin we were able to locate the problem. On our source the pin was positioned halfway the opening of the gasinlet and on the exchange the gas inlet was open and the pin stuck out ~5mm of the source body.

We installed the exchange source and the intensity was back as normal.




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I removed and cleaned the ion source for our delta V advantage. I changed a 
new filament and I put back the source and everything looks fine on isodat 
screen. Values are…

HV= 3.01KV
Box= 0.72 mA
Trap= 0.77 mA
vacuum= 1.4e-006
Magnet (steps)= 11572 

When I select reference gas (CO2) on the conflo screen to do a jump 
calibration no CO2 gas is flowing into the system. I checked for a leak and NO 
leak, we have a half tank CO2 gas. It seems ions are not reaching the cups or 
ions are not generated. I checked the CO2 tank is open, conflo is open and 
SGE valve is open.

I am planning to remove the source again and see if the small opening in the 
side of the ion source chamber is somehow blocked or miss aligned (even 
though I checked every thing before I put it back) . Or when I pushed the 
source into the mass spectrometer possibly a wire may have been 

Any advice or suggestions before I remove the ion source again to check for 
any loose connection.




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