For those interested in the isotope programme (“Isotopes in Geosciences: Instrumentation and Applications” Programme Group [IG-PG]) and/or other programme subjects.
Forwarded to you by: Pier de Groot, chair of IG-PG and secretary of IG in GMPV.
Please remind the request I have sent short time ago on this list about subjects which might receive better representation at the EU General Assemblee!

Dear Colleague,

The next EGU General Assembly 2011 (EGU2011) will be held again at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) from 03 Apr 2011 to 08 Apr 2011.

We hereby invite you, from now until 10 Sep 2010, to take an active part in organizing the scientific programme of the conference. You can do this at:

Please suggest (i) new sessions with conveners and description and (ii) modifications to the skeleton programme sessions. The latter were compiled by the respective EGU Programme Group Chair and Officers based on community input at the last business meetings or later.

When making suggested changes/additions to the programme, as a general guideline we encourage: (i) a minimum of three active conveners from multiple countries and institutes, (ii) the inclusion of young scientists, (iii) gender diversity. Please check with all of the suggested conveners that they agree to take part in the proposed session.

When making suggestions, explore the Programme Groups (PGs) and after studying those sessions that already exist, put your proposal into the PG that is most closely aligned with the proposed session's subject area. If the subject area of your proposal is strongly aligned with two or more PGs, co-organization is possible and encouraged between PGs. Only put your session proposal into ONE PG, and you will be able to indicate PGs that you believe should be approached for co-organization.

If you have questions about the appropriateness of a specific session topic, please contact the Programme Group Chair and/or the Officers for the specific EGU2011 Programme Group:

The EGU2011 Programme Committee will take into account all suggested new sessions and modifications to existing sessions, and use these to compile the final Session Programme as the basis for the Call-for-Papers. Then, from 20 Oct 2010 to 10 Jan 2011, conveners of approved sessions will be asked to actively promote their sessions and the public will be invited to submit their Abstracts. This will be announced by separate email.

Please inform your colleagues about these opportunities. We look forward to receiving your suggestions. Thank you very much in advance!

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Kind regards,
Bruce D. Malamud (King's College London)
Chair, EGU General Assembly 2011 Programme Committee Chair

Martin Rasmussen & Katja Gaenger
Copernicus Meetings

Best wishes,

Delta Isotopes Consultancy

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