Hi Paul,
Ghost works pretty well.
For XP and older you can find V 14 on Amazon etc for under $15, V15 ~$25
Amazon (I think) is needed for those with newer IRMS running Win 7. Both
versions support backup to a network drive or USB HDD or DVD where supported
by hardware.
It also seems to cope with the new HDD being bigger than the old one which
is nice. You do still have to be mindful of the maximum bootable size for
the OS in question.


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We have had a few strange things happen with our IRMS computers recently 
and decided to get back in the habit of backing them up regularly.  We 
had "copied or imaged" the older ones with Norton Ghost as Ty Coplen 
recommended (Isogeochem archives search words "Norton Ghost"), but have 
never had to use it.  It now seems prudent to make a disk copy (or 
"image") just not a back up.

Has anyone restored a copy (not just a file back up) of a hard drive and 
if so can they recommend software for this?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Brooks.

Mr. Paul D. Brooks,
Dept. Integrative Biology MC3140,
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