We run Arconis True Image (v 8 or so, latest is 10 I guess).
I restored my drive a few times (in the lab and also at home) and it always worked perfectly. For isodat make sure to update your analysis number in the configurator after you have restored your PC :-)
I also tried some other (mainly free open source) solutions in 2006 or so but never got them working stable.
I usually use the DOS boot CD and make a image of the complete partition, but running it under Windows and make a regularly incremental backup will probably also do (however, making it a copy of XP while running XP is not an easy task but should work with Arconis).


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> Everyone:
> We have had a few strange things happen with our IRMS computers recently and decided to get back in the habit of backing them up regularly.  We had "copied or imaged" the older ones with Norton Ghost as Ty Coplen recommended (Isogeochem archives search words "Norton Ghost"), but have never had to use it.  It now seems prudent to make a disk copy (or "image") just not a back up.
> Has anyone restored a copy (not just a file back up) of a hard drive and if so can they recommend software for this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul Brooks.
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