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I would like to bring to your attention a session for the AGU 2010 fall meeting entitled "H10: Ecohydrology of Arctic and sub-Arctic Ecosystems: Patterns and Processes Across Spatial and Temporal Scales" convened by Jessie Cable, Anna Liljedahl, Torre Jorgenson, and Jeff Welker. Please see the session description below. Hydrology is primary sponsor of this session but it is co-sponsored by Biogeochemistry, Cryosphere, Atmospheric Sciences, and Global Environmental Change.  We are interested in topics spanning multiple disciplines that explore ecohydrological questions of permafrost-affected terrain at different scales. We are also interested in studies that utilize a diversity of tools (including stable isotopes) to address this topic.

Brief description:
In Arctic and sub-Arctic ecosystems, ecological and hydrological processes are tightly linked, but their interactions are often not well quantified. Also, the impact of permafrost on ecohydrology is not well understood. The ecohydrology of northern ecosystems is changing, with climate warming modifying already highly variable climate, permafrost, and vegetation. Understanding the ecohydrology of these systems is critical for quantifying atmospheric feedbacks and the response of hydrologic process to degrading permafrost terrain.

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