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The work for the programme of the next General Assembly of the EGU in 2011 (3-8 April, in Vienna, Austria) has been started again. Although no call-for-programme has been lounched yet, I like to stimulate everybody already to think about having an active role in organizing the programme of the ‘Isotopes in Geosciences – Instrumentation and Applications’ Programme Group (IG).
I found that some subjects which would fit well into the isotope programme were weakly or not at all represented during the last years. I think it will improve the programme if we can fill these gaps and include those subjects for the next General Assembly.
Subjects which I selected myself having potential to be included into the programme are given below:

Radiogenic isotopes are badly represented in general.
-More specific, radiometric dating in geoscience is not or under-represented (is perfect for co-organization with Geochemistry of the GMPV Programme Group (PG)). Combination of radiogenic isotopes (as tool) and other tools (eg trace element studies) is very welcome too.

Combination of radiogenic isotopes and stable isotopes in subjects, such as planetary sciences, meteoritic science, or other extraterrestrial subjects is very welcome, and preferably is co-organized with appropriate PG’s
A specific subject which may have potential is the application of isotopic tools in search for extraterrestrial life (combined with organic chemistry??).

Specialized noble gas isotope studies (again preferably co-organized with appropriate PG’s)

Agronomy (evtl. Including soil) studies where isotopes are a prominent tool are not really represented – preferably co-organizing with the Soil System Sciences (SSS) and/or Biogeochemistry (BG) PG’s.

Studies where stable isotope NMR techniques are used.

Sr/Sr stratigraphy, co-organized with Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Paleontology (SSP) PG. This can also be combined with other ‘parameters’

“Geotracing” by isotope markers or isotope patterns, eg. of animals or food products. Can be co-organized with Biogeochemistry (BG) PG.

These are just some ideas, and of course other ideas are very welcome too. Any proposal, if acceptable for the programme, has to be checked if it is not yet existing in any PG already, or overlapping strongly with existing programme parts.

How to proceed?
You can contact me (see below my address label) or wait for the ‘call-for-programme’, which will be released soon, and propose your session(s) on the EGU web site – look for the ‘Isotopes in Geosciences – Instrumentation and Applications’ (IG) in the Programme Group listing.
For questions, feel free to contact me.

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