Please, keep the technical talk. That’s how we learn. We can learn a lot about the major topics of general interest in the excellent books we have in this filed but the precious information that is offered in this forum concerning technical difficulties and experiences is not written in the books. This forum is very important because of this. Everyone can access the forum in any part of the world and also, for free. Where else can you find a better course on isotopes measurements and with such a large number of excellent ‘teachers’?



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I strongly feel that technical discussions should continue on this forum.  Frankly, I have been able to sort out a several of my troubles through the discussions that go on in this list.  I completely agree with Lola that we are all here with one objective of knowing how to measure isotopes.  We may all have very different applications, yet we are together.
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Hi Bill,

Not at all!  The technical talk is what I come to ISOGEOCHEM for.  We can't get this information from anyone except the technical people who populate this list and are willing to talk about their problems, ideas and solutions.  We are a diverse group with one focus (sotopes and how to measure them) and scanning through those discussions that aren't relevant to my own work is a trivial price to pay for the overwhelming amount of information I've been able use over the years. 



At 01:58 PM 7/21/2010, William Rugh US EPA wrote:

I'm sorry to hear that some may object to the technical information that is exchanged over this forum.  I find it incredibly useful and relevant.  Those postings that I may not find interesting only take a millisecond to delete. Do others share Dr Kroopnicks's opinion? 

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Can someone create a separate discussion list for all this technical stuff.  Keep this list for major topics of general interest.
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