Hi Pete,

No disrespect intended but aren't scientific papers, conference
proceedings, book chapters and textbooks the obvious sources for (new)
applications of isotope techniques and their scientific results?

Like all the other respondents I feel we should keep the list as is.
It's a great source of information and provides a wonderful (and
informal) medium to exchange problems encountered when things went awry
but also in the run-up to new applications that would not be
communicated otherwise. There are not that many people who publish
papers along the lines "we had a terrific idea but it didn't work out
because of x, y and z".



Dr W Meier-Augenstein, CChem, FRSC 

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Well, I seem to have created a stir.  For those who don't know me, I was
born on a Chicago machine, graduated to a couple of Nuclides, then
joined the Finnigan team.  I used to love the technical details, but now
want to know more about new applications and the scientific results.

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Well, I was wondering if we could get rid of all mention of Thermo
Finnigan equipment and start a separate list for it?  As somebody who
doesn't own any Thermo stuff, there DO seem to be a lot of problems ...

Ha ha!  Just kidding.


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