The following may also be of interest:

Macleod, G.; Fallick, A. E.; Hall, A. J., The mechanism of carbonate growth on concrete structures as elucidated by carbon and oxygen isotope analyses. Chemical Geology 1991, 86, 335 - 343.


On 22 Jul 2010, at 18:16, Shaun Barker wrote:

Dear Robert,

I have seen various papers - unfortunately I seem to have misplaced them/forgotten them/deleted them.

Here is one paper I recall:

Isotope geochemistry (13C 18O) of carbonation processes in concretes, 1991, Rafai et al, Cement and Concrete Research vol. 21, pp 368-377

Also, there is probably a LARGE amount of literature related to more recent studies of CO2 uptake into various types of materials (e.g. high pH, Ca and Mg rich solutions) related to sequestration studies. 

There is also interest in this from a historical perspective, where people try to find out information on cements and the environment from the middle ages and earlier. I remember one paper:

Stable carbon and oxygen isotope investigation in historical lime mortar and plaster - results from field and experimental study. Kosednar-Legenstein et al, 2008, Applied Geochemistry vol. 23 pp 2425-2437

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attention: this is a scientific question. :-)

A group of colleagues deal with the mineralogy and synthesis of ordinary portland cement (opc), so cement in the sense of concrete or mortar. The question arose if there are some isotope studies in the field of "concrete".
I am not aware of any isotope studies on these systems but I found a (quite short) chapter about this in Clark and Fritz (1997, Environmental Isotopes in Hydrogeology, p. 264-265) mainly dealing with the fractionation between H2O - hydroxide and the influence of the portlandite reaction (pH > 12) on the isotopic composition of groundwaters.

Does anyone has some further readings on this issue?


BTW: isogeochem is perfect as it is. No need to change anything. - Just my 2 Euro cents.

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