Still there?


When faced with a similar situation, I've taken a series of pictures of the
band on another bird. 


By piecing together the different pictures, I've been able to get a good
read on the numbers. 


On a grosbeak, the sequence should look like:  X X X - X X X X X  


(on other bird bands, there may be 4 digits in the prefix)


I submitted the report to the Bird Banding Lab at:


The results have been very interesting.


Even a partial read can produce useable results. A friend got most of the
numbers on a banded Blue-winged Warbler that way. We were able to determine
when and where that bird had been banded. 



Rich Guthrie

New Baltimore, 

The Greene Mountain County,

New York

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A leg banded female Rose-breasted Grosbeak has returned to my feeder for the

third straight year! The first year I spotted it in September, last year it 

showed up on July 8th and this year July 9th. I have never been able to 

completely read the band but can make out enough of it to tell she is the 

same bird.


Ron Payne

Middlebury, VT 



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