Yes, she still stops by periodically but unfortunately my camera doesn't 
have a powerful enough lens to get that kind of detail. This is the best 
picture I've taken and all you can see is that she has a band, not any of 
the numbers on it:

Through my scope I've had a bit better luck reading it but the problem is 
that she tends to sit the same way each time she comes and the band rests on 
her leg in the same position so I'm only ever to read the last three digits. 
I believe they are 955 but I'm not even sure of that.

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT

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Still there?

When faced with a similar situation, I've taken a series of pictures of the
band on another bird.

By piecing together the different pictures, I've been able to get a good
read on the numbers.

On a grosbeak, the sequence should look like:  X X X - X X X X X

(on other bird bands, there may be 4 digits in the prefix)

I submitted the report to the Bird Banding Lab at:

The results have been very interesting.

Even a partial read can produce useable results. A friend got most of the
numbers on a banded Blue-winged Warbler that way. We were able to determine
when and where that bird had been banded.

Rich Guthrie

New Baltimore,

The Greene Mountain County,

New York

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Subject: [VTBIRD] Banded Rose-breasted Grosbeak

A leg banded female Rose-breasted Grosbeak has returned to my feeder for the

third straight year! The first year I spotted it in September, last year it

showed up on July 8th and this year July 9th. I have never been able to

completely read the band but can make out enough of it to tell she is the

same bird.

Ron Payne

Middlebury, VT

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