This is the beginning of a few reports that come from a team that goes from Toronto to the Arctic every summer to count shorebirds.  There will be a few more reports before they are done.
I can forward the other reports as they come in if there is enough interest..........

> From: "Jean Iron" <[log in to unmask]>
> Date: July 16, 2010 10:11:42 AM EDT
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> Subject: [Ontbirds] Shorebird Breeding Success in 2010
> Reports from the Canadian Arctic indicate a generally much better
> breeding year for most shorebirds compared to the late snow melt and
> cold nesting season in 2009.
> Map shows the Canadian Arctic is mostly snow free and the sea ice in
> Hudson Bay is almost gone whereas ice remained well into August in 2009.
> Counting juvenile shorebirds south of the breeding grounds will give an
> indication of breeding success in 2010, which is a good reason to learn
> how to distinguish the age classes.
> A crew led by Mark Peck of the Royal Ontario Museum arrived at Longridge
> Point on southern James Bay on Wednesday, July 14. They are surveying
> migrating shorebirds with a particular focus on the endangered rufa
> subspecies of the Red Knot. Jean Iron will file their first report soon.
> Acknowledgements: I thank Ken Abraham, Vicky Johnston, Guy Morrison,
> Erica Nol and Paul Smith for information.
> Ron Pittaway
> Minden, Ontario
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