Dear bird friends:

A passerby just stopped by my house because she was concerned about a  
bird in the road. She got the bird off the road, and I got a box to  
provide a safe place until it is ready to move on... but I'm not  
certain as to whether it is injured or not. Nothing appears to be  
wrong, it may just be in shock. It look like a juvenile thrush or  
veery from what I can tell. It is lacking feathers on top of it's  
head, but it's other feathers appear to be all filled in.

Any suggestions? I would appreciate advice. I imagine this could be a  
fledgling which has recently left the nest and perhaps needed to take  
a rest.... in the road. (!) It is breathing quickly, but this is  
probably pretty stressful for it....

In your reply, please include a copy to me at [log in to unmask] as  
I receive in digest and will not receive your responses right away if  
you respond to the list.

If the bird has not left by morning, shall I bring it somewhere? And where?

Thank you so much!