Yesterday, 7/22, the water level was low in the West River exposing several 
mud flats. While kayaking, shore birds observed included 2 Least Sandpipers, 2 
Spotted Sandpipers, and 8 Killdeer. There was also a Bald Eagle, 3rd year bird, 
with an orange leg band. Great Blue Herons were numerous. This morning the 
water level covered all the mud flats. Two Wood Ducks, 1 Green-winged Teal, 
3 Mallards, 1 Killdeer, 2 GBH's, and C. Geese were in the area of yesterday's 
mud flats.
An interesting sighting for me was seeing 7 Great Egrets and 12 GBH's getting 
organized for flight last Sun. morning, 7/18 about 7 AM over the West River. 
From a swirling cloud of white and gray drifting north over the river, they 
morphed into an efficient flying machine; the 7 Great Egrets formed a peloton 
on one flank and the 12 GBH's on the other, then combined to fly east.
Dave Johnston        Brattleboro