Braving the swamp and deer flies I found the following along my usual route. The cuckoos were in the 

same general area that I last saw them---did not observe any young or food being carried. 

A family group of c. yellowthroats were in a shrub honing their bug catching skills. 

Butterflies seen:  Viceroy, cabbage white, black swallowtail and a beautful Am. copper nectaring on 

a buttonbush. 

Sue Wetmore 
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Subject: eBird Report - Brandon Pearl St , 7/24/10 

Location:     Brandon Pearl St 
Observation date:     7/24/10 
Notes:     Hairy woodpecker juv. male chasing adult female<br>Common yellowthroated warbler family---juvs and adults 
Number of species:     40 

Wood Duck     5 
Killdeer     1 
Mourning Dove     3 
Black-billed Cuckoo     2 
Chimney Swift     1 
Ruby-throated Hummingbird     1 
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     3 
Downy Woodpecker     2 
Hairy Woodpecker     2 
Alder Flycatcher     2 
Eastern Phoebe     3 
Eastern Kingbird     10 
Yellow-throated Vireo     1 
Warbling Vireo     1 
Red-eyed Vireo     3 
Blue Jay     4 
American Crow     8 
Black-capped Chickadee     10 
White-breasted Nuthatch     3 
Carolina Wren     1 
House Wren     6 
Eastern Bluebird     2 
Veery     1 
Wood Thrush     1 
American Robin     24 
Gray Catbird     10 
European Starling     4 
Blue-winged Warbler     1 
American Redstart     1 
Common Yellowthroat     13 
Chipping Sparrow     5 
Song Sparrow     16 
Swamp Sparrow     3 
Northern Cardinal     3 
Indigo Bunting     1 
Red-winged Blackbird     6 
Common Grackle     9 
House Finch     3 
American Goldfinch     9 
House Sparrow     1 

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