Nice picture showing the black 'followspots" following the silver spots on the HW.   I'll recall all these field marks some day!!

 Interesting about the high count of At Frits.


At 07:43 PM 7/17/2010, you wrote:
At Willow Park in Bennington Yesterday:

Clouded Sulphur        15
Cabbage White      12
Pearl Crescent        20
Silver-Spotted Skip. 1
Viceroy                    1 -fresh
Great Spang. Frit     1
Common Wood Nymph 4
Red Admiral           1
Black Swallowtail    1  Female/ Fresh
Broad-winged Skippers 8 (flying among Giant Reed ,  Phragmites)
Wild Indigo Duskywing   18  some ovipositing on Crown Vetch (abundant)

Today on Bourn Pond Rd, Arlington VT (2.4 miles long dirt above 2,000 ft)
at 3 stops along this road:
Monarch                  1
Monarch Cat.           1  late instar
Red Admiral             4
American Lady         1
European Skipper    1  old ratty tatty
Dun Skipper             2
Clouded Sulphur      6
Orange Sulphur       2
Peck's Skipper         1 fresh, first seen in while
Great Spang. Frit     2
and ....
Atlantis Fritillary        113 (nectaring on Milkweed and Black-eyed Susan there were many more up and down the road not counted)

Atlantis Frit looking at me

E. Dorset, Vermont