I had great views of what could only be a Widow Skimmer male with its 
distinctive wing pattern.  However, the abdomen was blue -not white 
as shown in Dunkle - and there were two blue dots on the top shoulder 
area of the thorax - again no white.

Is this an indication of the 'age' of the dragonfly?

On Fri. Martha Pfeiffer and I made an attempt to tally some 
butterflies in the Manchester area, but activity was not great .

Black Swallowtail - 1
Cabbage White - 4 (what does that tell you?)
     No sulphurs at all
Eastern tailed blue - 4  (all fresh)
Great Spangled Frit  - 2
Crescent species - 26  (a big 'hatch')
White Admiral - 2
Common Wood Nymph - 9
Dun's Skipper - 1

1 Monarch caterpillar - 5th instar  - it's in protective custody at 
my house - currently attaching its 'button'.  The interesting thing 
about this caterpillar is that it was on the top of a milkweed leaf, 
at the top of the plant and NONE of the leaves on that plant had been 
eaten  - and NONE of the leaves on the adjacent plants has been eaten?????

On Sat during some birding in Brandon area and Dead Creek, we saw:

Black Swallowtail - 1
Both whites and sulphurs -
E Comma - fresh
C Ringlet - 1
Monarch - 4

ruth stewart
e dorset

E. Dorset, Vermont