2-July-2010, early afternoon, Grand Isle.
 A tight cluster of 24 leps "nectaring" on flattened raccoon scat:
17 Eyed Brwwn - Satyrodes eurydice (all uniformly dark)
4 Summer Azure - Celastrina neglecta.
1 Summer Crescent - Phyciodes diminutor.
1 Dun Skipper - Euphyes vestris.
1 Comma sp. (comma flew away prior to photo attempt).
Also, a Monarch buzzed the group -- my first Monarch this year.

 Although the congregation was at the edge of Appalachian Brown
habitat, none of the 75+ Appalachians (down from 200+ last week)
were partaking in the feast.  The Eyed Brown habitat on the other
side of the wooded area held 200+ Eyed Browns today, along with
a multitude of Meadow Fritillaries and other species.
 I identified 1 of 3 hairstreaks as a Banded Hairstreak - dark form.
Dave Hoag, Grand Isle, Vt
      portion of cell phone image.