still a Black Swallowtail
the hairy caterpillar I think is the tiger moth "Salt Marsh Caterpillar" - the white spiracles in front of a colored wart
David Wagner's - Caterpillars of Eastern North America, Princton University Press, I think is the best book available for caterpillars and reasonably priced.
Michael Sabourin

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I'm not that good at ID'ing caterpillars so it 
could be something else. Really don't know.
 I'm looking for a good book on caterpillars, 
any suggestions?

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  I would suggest that the Black Swallowtail 
  caterpillar is eating his old exoskeleton...
  By the way, that is a rather unusual 
  coloration for a polyxenes asterius...

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  ID Help

  I was at Dead Creek WMA   Brilyea 
  access road back by the turtle pond and found these cateplars and would like 
  some help.
  First,  can anyone ID the brownish hairy 
  caterpillar ?
  Second,   what is the correct way to 
  describe what is happening in the image of the Black Swallowtail caterpillar 
  Peter Manship

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