At Willow Park in Bennington Yesterday:

Clouded Sulphur        15
Cabbage White      12
Pearl Crescent        20
Silver-Spotted Skip. 1
Viceroy                    1 -fresh
Great Spang. Frit     1
Common Wood Nymph 4
Red Admiral           1 
Black Swallowtail    1  Female/ Fresh
Broad-winged Skippers 8 (flying among Giant Reed ,  Phragmites)
Wild Indigo Duskywing   18  some ovipositing on Crown Vetch (abundant)

Today on Bourn Pond Rd, Arlington VT (2.4 miles long dirt above 2,000 ft)
at 3 stops along this road:
Monarch                  1
Monarch Cat.           1  late instar
Red Admiral             4
American Lady         1
European Skipper    1  old ratty tatty 
Dun Skipper             2
Clouded Sulphur      6
Orange Sulphur       2
Peck's Skipper         1 fresh, first seen in while
Great Spang. Frit     2
and ....
Atlantis Fritillary        113 (nectaring on Milkweed and Black-eyed Susan there were many more up and down the road not counted)