That's funny, Versus is still working fine here.  Must be your local cable 

I have concluded that both summer Eurosports, World Cup and TDF, are about as 
exciting as watching grass grow - 98% of the time.  Granted the other 2% can be 
very exciting.  Grass growing, to my knowledge, has no exciting moments, unless 
perhaps you are the grass, in which case lawnmowers and defecating mammals might 
be exciting.  I will watch Germany vs. Spain, which I suspect are the 2 best 
teams in the WC field.  However I can no longer watch an entire TDF stage 
without falling asleep.  

One question; What is the optimal size of a peleton for efficiency.  I 
understand that breakaways of one or a few individuals virtually always fail 
because the wind resistance of the peleton is significantly less than that of 
the breakaway, and therefore they ride more efficiently.  However reason says 
there must be a curve of efficiency vs. number of riders.  Undoubtedly their 
proximity and formation shape are important too.  What say you gearheads?

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