So I was going to BC this just to Matt and Ben K., as they both seem to have knowledge of this hike, but I would imagine others on the list might as well. 

I'm looking for a little advice regarding a Pemi Loop overnight, that I am considering Columbus Day weekend.  I really wanted to do this hike two summers ago.  I had a trip planned back in the NE and everything was a go, but sadly a death in the family put the kibosh on it. 

The flight is now booked for this October, with the intent being to do an overnight.  So I guess the real question is, where can we bivy along the trail?   Given it's a holiday weekend, I expect campsites to fill up very early.  I also hate to commit to a campsite, given that depending on circumstance we could end up doing more/less mileage. 

Is bivying along the Franconia Brook Trail or Osseo Trails as feasible as the map makes it look?  I know regulations state that you need to be a 1/4 m. from the Franconia Brook Trail, (which considering we wouldn't start hiking out of Lincoln Woods until 9 pm, I would fairly expect miscalculate to about 100 yrds or so).

The other uncertainity I have is whether there are any opportunities to crash along the Twinway.  As near as I can tell, the answer would probably be "yes", but I would love to hear input from those who have hiked the trail. 

I should add that I've suggested to my buddy that we simplify things by staying at Galehead Hut a night, but he's even cheaper than I, so I doubt that will fly. 

Thanks very much in advance.


P.S. R.I.P. George Steinbrenner

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