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The AMS-12 organising committee calls for expressions of interest for particular research areas
to be scheduled for the AMS-12 conference, 20-25 March 2011.

As a guideline only, the areas in the AMS-11 proceedings are listed here, but other topics are
     Advances in AMS; Accelerator Facilities;
     Sample Preparation; AMS Standards, Calibration, and Data analysis;
     Archaeology - Cultural Heritage;
     Environmental and Geological Sciences; Hydrology and Ocean Sciences;
     Forensics and Nuclear Safeguards; Astrophysysics and Cosmochemistry;
     Biomedical and Biological Sciences;

Please respond by no later than 17 August to [log in to unmask] with submissions of special
session topics, symposia and workshops. We welcome your ideas and, depending on the
degree of interest, they can be incorporated in the official programme.

Albert Zondervan
on behalf of the AMS-12 organising committee

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