My understanding is there is a prebate, rebate and the option of putting
income tax refunds against property taxes.  If they paid more than they
should have last year for property taxes they get a rebate as part of the
State payment plus the prebate. If they had income taxes withheld but didn't
owe state income taxes they have the option of putting the refund towards
their property taxes as well.



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Hi All!

            I know this question has been asked before, but for the life of
me I can't recall any of the answers that have been given.

Here's the situation:  a property owner has a non taxable income, files an
HS122 and gets an income sensitivity refund greater than his actual property
tax, so, we send him a check for the difference.

            How is it possible for someone to get a "refund" greater than
what they owe?  Does it seem right that some tax payers are not only
supplementing the entire property tax of others, but also giving them extra?