I sent out an email on Wednesday afternoon after a resident came in to get
replacement marriage and her children's birth certificates. Her house had
been robbed and these documents had been in a small safe that had been taken
from a corner of her basement (under a table, behind stuff - hmmmmm).


After I heard from some of you, I decided to listen to the Golden Rule. I
came into work and made the copies, enclosed a note and then ran down to the
Post Office, so she would get them today.


The woman showed up mid-afternoon and had brought in the money for the
certified copies as discussed yesterday; she had not picked up her mail. I
explained that the documents were taken to the PO that morning so she would
have them immediately and, since it was my decision I understood from other
town clerks and the circumstances were so upsetting for her family, I had
decided to make them a gift. The office was very busy (reappraisals went
into Monday's mail) and we joked about how she should check her mailbox for
important documents before driving into town. She thanked me and left.  The
door opened and she came back in, crying, and said she wanted to give me a
hug. I knew right then that the decision of the gift was the right one and I
thank you for helping me with it, even though, as decisions go, it was a
pretty small one. 


I thought I'd share this with you as I finish up a rigorous week in the
office and head out for a working vacation as a camp cook on beautiful Lake
Fairlee. It's not a restful vacation, but it's a change and my family looks
forward to participating as volunteers at this end of summer camp for
disadvantaged rural children. I'm so glad it worked out that the Primary
Election date allowed me to still do Camp Exclamation Point. 


Thanks again, as always, for helping with life's perspective in the Town
Clerk's Office.


Heidi Racht 


I'm going home to watch the meteor showers - a different perspective on