Speaking as a lister, we list the property in the grand list with the life estate owners name and address.  In our town it is beneficial to them as for the residential tax savings.  Our advisors have said we may list it either to the "actual" owner of the property or to the owner of the life estate.
Just my two cents....

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As our district advisors keep saying, "READ THE DEED."  Some Life Estates are revocable, some are not.  In the most common tax arrangements, the Grantor must be able to revoke in order to prevent actual title from passing until after death -- otherwise the deed creates a taxable event.  But sometimes a seller simply wants to retain some use ("... retains the use of said Camp during the month of August annually so long as he lives."   One size does not fit all.  These restrictions are a temporary impairment of the value of a property when not revokable.
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We have a local attorney who does many life estates, and he sent a letter to our listers stating that the tax bill has to stay in the name of the parent, and only the parent's name goes on the grand list, because the property does not belong to the children until the parent's death (and the parents may decide to sell the property at any time so the children may never become the owners.)  I'm not sure if the life estate is always worded that way but that's how most of ours are written.


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The tax bill must use the information as it appears in the grand list book.  I’d suggest the property owner get something in writing to the board of listers if they want a different mailing address used. 
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I am wondering how other towns handle life estates for the purpose of a mailing address on the grand list and tax bills.  We have been asked by a parent who has put his property in a life estate to mail the tax bill to him and not his daughter who apparently doesn’t open mail from our town.  The listers are telling me they have to use the address for the daughter on the grand list and we can’t use the parents mailing address.  I would expect the name stays in the life estate, but why couldn’t the mailing address be in care of the parents?
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