That makes sense to me Doreen, but she says she remembers driving to Newbury and probate court in Orange County is in Chelsea.  Maybe she drove here by a mistake and then headed over to Chelsea.

I'll suggest she call the court and ask them for information.


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  Would it have been through the Probate Court?


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  Hello Clerks,


  I'm stumped at the moment.  I just had a call from a woman who said she filed a notice of name change in the town of Newbury in the 1980's, but she did not live in Newbury, did not vote in Newbury, nor did she own land in Newbury, nor was she born in Newbury.


  I don't know where to look for it if I have it at all.  She says she remembers driving to Newbury to do it and remembered how she got here.  She was living in Fairlee at the time.


  Thanks for any suggestions.