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exposes the US government's and BP's claim that the Gulf of Mexico is now free of oil (and dispersant) and is fine for shrimping, fishing and swimming.

How reminiscent of former EPA commissioner Cristy Whitman's "all clear" lies following 9/11, that led to additional thousands of people getting sick or dying, just to open the stock market.

The article, from TruthOut, follows several shrimpers who had worked for a time in BP's cleanup program, who decided they'd had enough of all of the lies and misinformation and performed their own tests for oil, with the help of a toxicologist and an environmental group. What they discovered is that the oil in the waters is hundreds of times more than acceptable, let alone safe, standards.

One point I'd like to add: In these times when avarice is rewarded, there are hundreds of shrimpers and fisherfolks refusing to provide a polluted product to others, even though they have no other means of livelihood. That -- as they say -- is powerful reminder of the basic generosity and self-sacrifice that so many working people are willing to undergo in order to help others. These folks are heroes.

Mitchel Cohen