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>Am I wrong to express concern that Mandi's question has yet to receive a

Good luck to Mandi on getting a reply.  Below is a post of mine from 2003 for 
which I am still waiting for some supportive response from list members.  The 
deafening silence caused me to drop off the list for a few years:

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Mr. Mann, 

Your earlier comments on genetically engineered crops seemed very sensible 
to me.  But then you began complaining about "wimminsLib," which was way 
off base for this list.  Now you have provided us with some ethnic 
impersonations.  I don't think I am the only one for whom this kind of thing 
undermines the discussion environment and the original impulse behind this 
list.  I suggest that you take your own good advice and confine your 
comments to the theme of science for the peoiple.

Stuart Newman 

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Subject: that pesky Near East 

        From the privileged position of uninvolvement, may I offer some 
comment on the recent heated exchange about Gaza, Israel, etc? 

        While a grad student in a USA lab dominated in more senses than one 
by men of Jewish extraction (most of them non-religious, I guessed), I soon 
learned not to attempt any discussion relating to Israel.  As soon as one 
made any remark, no matter how specific & careful, they would scream "Ve 
are fighting for our vechy SURVIVAL", to put me on notice that reasoning 
would not be available.  I gave up. 
        What I did think, and still do, is that in such a complex long 
dispute what may matter most practically is: which party is in the more 
sturdy psychological condition to make a concessionary offer.  It has 
usually appeared to me that the non-Israelis (not all of them Arabs!) 
happen to be in the more precarious psychological position and are 
therefore the better placed to be generous.  By this comparison I do not 
mean to imply that the Zionists who scream as I've quoted are in any very 
robust psychological stance  -  only that the others are even less secure. 
        I have no opinion on what offer(s) the Zionists might best 
formulate; as I say, I gave up the attempt to reason on this ghastly 
imbroglio.  I mean now only to make a suggestion on a different level, 
which I hope will be taken up sympathetically as it is meant. 

        I must add that unless the theme of science for the people can be 
injected into this particular dispute, it would not seem to belong on this 

Shalom and, if I have it right, namaste