Herb has suggested that I post this to the list, so I am happy to do so.

btw, we had some discussions earlier about the origins of Stalinism, and I think Phil posted some material on that subject. I have been reading Victor Serge's excellent Memoirs of a Revolutionary. Serge, as many here will know or should know, stayed loyal to the Bolshevik revolution as long as he could given his disapproval of its brutal methods and suppression of freedom of expression. This book makes crystal clear that the origins of Stalinism--characterized by jailing, exiling or executing anyone who dared question the party line--can be traced directly to Lenin, Trotsky, and their comrades, as this was their favored tactic as well. It was so easy to brand anyone who disagreed about anything a "counter-revolutionary," and Lenin and Trotsky did not hesitate to do so.

This may have relevance for those who defend Chavez, the Castro brothers, etc. If the Chavez regime is not as repressive as that of Cuba, it may simply be that it doesn't have sufficient power--yet.


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Greetings Michael:
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Since you frequently call for a balanced view, why don't you post this on the SftP list?  It calls Hugo a "megalomaniac" and shows that his avowed enemies also obtain political power through these very interesting councils.

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