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From: James Rucker, <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 10:24 AM
Subject: Urgent action needed to help save the Internet
To: Philip Gasper <[log in to unmask]>

      *Google's deal with Verizon is worse than we thought.*

Tell the FCC to reject it and act now to save the Internet.

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Dear Philip,

Just after more than 30,000 of you spoke out about Google and Verizon's
plans to undermine the open Internet, the details became clear. It's worse
than we thought.1

As our friends at MoveOn put it, *the Google/Verizon plan would "create two
separate, unequal sections of the Internet  one for big business that would
be high-speed and exclusive, and then the inferior, slow 'public Internet'
that would be available to you and me."*

The Google-Verizon proposal kills net neutrality while claiming to protect
it  and worse, the companies want this proposal to become law. This is
unacceptable. *The FCC must act now  it's their job to write rules
governing the Internet, not the corporations they're supposed to be
regulating. Tell the FCC to reject this bad deal and enact strong net
neutrality protections now:*<>

The deal between Google and Verizon may be great for their bottom line, but
it's terrible for everyday Americans. It calls for the creation of a "public
internet"  which would remain open  and a "private internet," which would
not. The faster "private internet" would choke the life out of the "public
internet," leaving those who can't afford to pay to have their content or
applications run with faster service struggling to keep up.

Worse, this deal would leave the Internet without any meaningful safeguards.
If a broadband provider decided to break the few rules there are, the
proposed fines are too low to deter providers from violating them.

This is what happens when big corporations get to write the rules that
govern them: they win and the public loses. Speak out to demand that the FCC
put strong net neutrality rules in place right now:<>

Earlier this year, the FCC looked like it was on track to ensure we could
all enjoy strong net neutrality provisions. But a federal lawsuit forced the
FCC to change its plans.

The FCC can still enforce net neutrality, but it first must revisit a
Bush-era decision to deregulate broadband. By revisiting this decision and
reclassifying broadband as a communication service, the FCC can do
everything it needs to do to protect American consumers. And in fact, the
chair of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, announced his intentions to do this.

But he has backed away from this plan under intense pressure from the
telecommunications industry. Our federal regulators need to stop caving to
big business and take a stand for us. *The FCC has all the tools it needs to
protect our interests and ensure the Internet remains a vital engine of
information exchange and innovation. Genachowski must act now, before Google
and Verizon's bad idea becomes an even worse reality.*

Please join us in calling on the FCC to act immediately to save a free and
open Internet, and when you do, please ask your friends and family to do the

Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Dani, William, Gabriel, Milton, and the rest of the team
   August 11th, 2010

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1. "Google-Verizon Pact: It Gets Worse," Huffington Post, 8-9-2010<>