Hello Ernie

My apologies-I have no monetary investment in this-quite the contrary- -just
thought it might be of interest.   I do know some photographers who post
links to their bird pictures on this site, and when you get to their pages,
there are offers for classes, workshops, trips, and photos for sale.   So
yes, I guess I think it is rather a gray area.  What about the "Nikon
binoculars" announcement, or the "Cornell Club" event, which does not sound
like a non-profit benefit.... though I could be wrong about that. (I hope I
am!).  I have absolutely no objection to any of these, but I do feel a bit
unfairly singled out.
Even so, I am sorry if this was offensive. I will remove it if you wish.


Cynthia Crawford

On 8/11/10, Ernie Buford <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I'm not entirely certain of the motivation for this announcement, but it
> seems to stray into the area of commercial advertisements, which are not
> allowed on VTBIRD.
> Several of our subscribers attempt to make a living photographing birds,
> leading tours or workshops, etc., and they generally do not overtly
> advertise on VTBIRD (although one could argue that sharing a link to a blog,
> online gallery, or other promotional web site constitutes advertisement....
> admittedly, it's a bit of a gray area).  In the interest of fairness and
> reduced list clutter, please do not post this type of advertisement unless
> it's for a non-profit organization.
> Best regards,
> Ernie Buford
> VTBIRD List Owner