At 11:16 AM -0400 8/13/10, Ernie Buford wrote:
>In an attempt to clarify the bounds here, I've added the following 
>instruction to VTBIRD guidelines:
>     Fee-based events and services should NOT be advertised on VTBIRD except
>     by non-profit organizations.  Professional photographers are 
>encouraged to share
>     their work to the extent that it supports legitimate subject 
>matter but should refrain
>     from explicit self-promotion.

That does make sense to me, but I'll use my own recent post as an 
attempt to clarify.  I posted an item here a few weeks ago about an 
upcoming art exhibit of mine, primarily featuring bird photography. 
The exhibit is not fee based, though there are prints for sale there. 
(I did not solicit any sales in my post).

I'm assuming from what you said that this is the sort of thing that's 
acceptable for future reference.

The other thing I post from time to time is links to bird photos on 
my web site; once again, I'm assuming this is fine to do.  I don't 
suggest anyone buy anything and though there are a few ads on the 
site, they're fairly unobtrusive and not at all aggressive.  The site 
actually has considerably less advertising than some sites out there.

Am I interpreting everything accurately here?


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