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> I think it is also helpful to maintain perspective...while sifting through email the delete key is only inches away.
> Allan

I'm with Allan. It's called the delete key.  If we all label our posts
accurately in the subject line--which I find people do very well on
this list--then it isn't that difficult to simply delete the posts
that are not of interest.

Personally, I would be very sad to see some of the "mundane" reports
go away. To me, they aren't mundane -- they speak to why I am a
birder.  For me, this activity is not all about the newest bird on my
list, though I love adding to my life list as much as the next person.
 I already figure I'll have to leave the state to see many new birds
at this point.  For me, this hobby is about the beauty and elegance
and fascination these creatures bring to our lives.

I love how much VT Birders notice and post those types of
observations; in fact, I find it wonderfully refreshing to read.  If
this list were only rare bird reports, I would find it much less
interesting and valuable.

I also don't mind the types of announcements that have been discussed
here, nor the sharing of photo links or info about events of interest.
 Again, for me, these things keep the birding community vibrant and

Perhaps what's really needed is a second listserv, VTRAREBIRDS. That
way, the folks who are really just looking for that info could leave
this list and subscribe there.

Of course, there is already the ABA Rare Bird alert listserv (to which
I belong) but you have to sift through national listings.  And isn't
there some way that those folks can use eBird to find rare birds in

I'll also point out that for iPhone users, there is the BirdsEye app
from Cornell/eBird, which is designed to help you find birds in your
area using real-time eBird info.

And no, I have no affiliation with Apple and this does not constitute an ad. ;)

Ernie, in case no one else has said it, THANK YOU for all of your work
running this list, and for caring enough to solicit feedback from its

Miriam Lawrence